Sean Poncini

“After serving in the Air Force and receiving a B.S. in mathematics it became evident to me that I wanted to pursue a career in IT. I had the drive, the work ethic, the education and the skill set obtained from the military but I lacked experience and some technical skills required to get more than a glance from hiring managers. Then when I literally thought all hope was lost, I came into contact with Halcyon Solutions. Halcyon wanted to do more than point veterans in the “right” direction, they wanted to create a “path” and give us the skills and knowledge needed to walk that path.

Halcyon is taking the social responsibility to new levels and bridging the enormous gap between education and employment. I am thankful everyday that I had the opportunity to learn and create a buildable foundation offered by Halcyon that almost immediately led to me receiving job offers. It seemed too good to be true that someone was actually calling me and that such a program for veterans even existed. Other than marrying my wife and us having a child, that was the single greatest decision I ever made in my life. They took me under their wing and gave me the tools it took to be successful.”

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Sean Poncini

Former Air Force Sgt. on Halcyon’s Veterans Workforce Development Program

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