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datasolutions (1)​​​​Each day, while billions upon billions of bits of new data stream across the globe at lightning pace, the world itself is getting smaller. It’s as if those bits of data have broken down old barriers to shrink the planet, to eliminate the challenges of time and space and replace them with something entirely new and perplexing. We call this the “Era of Big Data.”

Business Intelligence & Analytics

In this globalized environment where the newest thing is only new for six months, and we wonder if anything that can be imagined hasn’t already been invented and introduced, consumers are seeking more from an organization than me-too products or services. They’re demanding a unique approach, a special style. They’re demanding But how on Earth do you achieve it? Your organization may be already collecting, cleansing, consolidating and storing data in large quantities. That’s a great beginning. But now you need to differentiate—​to generate strong business results by building competitive strategies around your data-driven insights. Business Analytics will help you achieve those goals:​

  •  Optimize the data you’re collecting
  •  Answer questions about performance and productivity
  •  Make predictions about future behaviors
  •  Make wiser business decisions
  •  Obtain an excellent return on your IT investment
  • Create strategies to differentiate your organization and compete more

Halcyon offers different levels of Business Analytics to help organizations at various levels of sophistication. Our Basic Analytics provide the essential data for tracking and managing processes, productivity and performance. Our Advanced Analytics are the key to capturing the future. If you’re just starting out on the path to Business Analytics, we offer Enterprise Data Management solutions for the development of integration, warehousing, governance and reporting systems that are the foundation of a secure, functional information technology solution.

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based solutions play a key role in allowing businesses to quickly adapt to changing technology needs without making significant investments in “in-house” infrastructure and servers. As more and more organizations move towards leveraging the “on-demand” offerings from various cloud providers like MicroSoft Azure, Amazon AWS or IBM Cloud, the challenges of vendor selection, feature identification and long-term planning are immense.

Whether applied for specific applications or as part of an overall IT strategy, Halcyon is able to help clients maximize the value of their cloud investment in areas such as:

  • Office 365
  • Cloud migration strategy
  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Platform as a service
  • Mobile backend as a service
  • "Employers are seeking individuals with a strong work ethic and a very specific set of skills. My service in the Armed Forces has provided me with a strong work ethic, but not all of the skills required to be successful in the civilian workforce. Halcyon Solutions bridged the gap by providing specific training in technical and soft skills. With Halcyon's help, I was also able to find an opportunity as an IT professional in an excellent company. I am grateful to Halcyon for their dedication and commitment to help veterans."

    Ryan M., CPT, SC
    Ryan M., CPT, SC Network Operations Officer

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